Blockchain technology has enabled us to do so much, yet there is much left to achieve. By giving birth to DeFi, dApps, and more, blockchain has initiated steps to a genuinely free and connected world. For such a world and financial freedom to continue expanding, Gorilix Protocol will exercise top-notch security efforts with collaboration to maintain its protocol and platform.
The Gorilix protocol's protection will be our first objective. In conjunction with third-party inspectors and advisors, our developers will strive to succeed in establishing a platform that we feel is secure and reliable for users.

Smart Contract Audits

The Gorilix platform is committed to providing the best for users. But that’s not all. Our platform’s promise will be supported by various smart contract audits and reviews to ensure the operational safety of the platform.

Formal Verifications

Gorilix Protocol will also subject the platform and its protocols to formal verification. As the platform evolves and expands, the formal verification will not be a one-step process but a continuous one to guarantee Gorilix Protocol ’s security. The formal verification will verify the functionalities of Minting, Redeeming, Borrowing, Liquidating, Seizing, and accruing interest with $SILVA.

Economic Security

To ensure and evaluate Gorilix Protocol ’s economic security, we will also subject the Gorilix protocol to a simulated stress testing environment. The stress test will provide a vivid image of Gorilix’s scalability and support for varying volumes for different assets to eliminate market risks such as collateral price shocks, loss of liquidity, cascaded liquidations, and more.

Bug Bounty

Ethical hackers, users with good faith, and reporters who aid in maintaining a high standard of Ethereum ecosystem’s and Gorilix Protocol ’s security will be valued and rewarded. Gorilix Protocol will be subjected to expert audits and verifications but will be ultimately built on new technology hiding unknown flaws.
Gorilix Protocol ’s bug bounty program will allow users to quickly report the protocol and platform’s vulnerabilities via email. The email must contain a detailed written or video disclosure of the bug found, and the steps to take care of the bug will follow soon.
We welcome the community to examine the platform and report any flaws in our system, either big or small. Our bug bounty is designed to emphasize the importance of the Gorilix community’s collaboration and will reward users in proportion to the severity of the vulnerability reported.