Gorilix Protocol ’s system will include the Gorilix Grants Program, which will offer $SILVA tokens to events, ideas, projects, and more contributing to the benefit of the Gorilix Protocol ecosystem.
Gorilix Protocol community will provide an amount of $SILVA tokens, set aside expressly for the funding of grants. The program will not run 24*7 but will be offered twice a year, with the amount of $SILVA tokens coming from a small percentage of the fee collected.
So, the grant size for the Gorilix Grant Program will depend upon the amount collected in six months from the portion of transactions occurring in Gorilix Protocol’s ecosystem.

Who can Receive Grants?

Any member of the Gorilix Protocol community or user of the platform will be eligible to receive the grant. For rapid innovation and advancement of the Gorilix protocol and growth of the Gorilix Protocol ecosystem, grants will be provided for the notions listed below:
Gorilix Protocol Development: The Gorilix Grant Program will fund community members who propose excellent improvements or changes to the Gorilix Protocol ecosystem. The grant will encourage more users to join the community, work together and lead Gorilix Protocol towards a broader and brighter future scope.
Business Development: The Gorilix Grant Program will be used to fund integrations in the ecosystem. Gorilix Protocol will present countless business opportunities for increasing the ecosystem’s liquidity and demand. We will provide funding for business developments and integrations to include various applications under Gorilix Protocol ’s umbrella with the grants.

Hacking Events

The Gorilix Grant Program will be used to fund hacking events and coding challenges to explore and amass a community of technical experts, so they can contribute to the Gorilix ecosystem by exploring designs and contributing to security efforts.

Bounties for Vulnerabilities

Users who bring bug fixes and minor updates to the security of the Gorilix Protocol ecosystem will also be rewarded with $SILVA from the Gorilix Grant Program. Safety is at the helm of the online world, which is why the emphasis on compensating bug bounties to individuals who report and help fix errors is vital. Cybersecurity is a top priority within the Gorilix Protocol ecosystem.

Auditing and Proposals

The Gorilix Grant Program will also fund hefty auditing charges to review proposed updates before submission or integration. Gorilix Protocol believes prevention is better than cure and will use the best practices every step of the way to provide a safe and secure protocol. Gorilix Protocol will motivate more community members to contribute and propose technical updates to create an ever-evolving Gorilix protocol by offering grants for auditing and proposals.

Miscellaneous Improvements

With one eye on the future, Gorilix Protocol understands that there will be potholes and hurdles along the way. In addition, the Gorilix ecosystem will grow with the integration of new applications. The Gorilix Grant Program will provide support to tackle such hurdles and support applications growing the ecosystem. The grant will provide funding to every issue and application that the Gorilix Protocol community deems worthy and beneficial.