With users utilizing Gorilix Protocol ’s easy transfers, we will employ a comprehensive set of rules and regulations for AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and implement KYC (Know Your Customer). Gorilix Protocol will grant financial opportunities and freedom to its users and implement a strict AML/KYC policy for detecting and disrupting money laundering activities and verifying the identity of customers on its platform.
The global intergovernmental organization FATF (Financial Action Task Force) updated its guidance policy in June 2019, rendering equal treatment of VASPs (Virtual Asset Service Providers) like traditional financial institutions. DeFi platforms are categorized under VASPs and, as such, need to submit to KYC rules. Gorilix Protocol will benefit from a top-notch AML/KYC policy to increase its protection against cyberattacks and promote user trust. All user information supplied to the platform will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances and will help create a decentralized community of authentic users, eliminating malicious actors from the ecosystem.
The detailed AML and KYC policy will be available with the official document. Users who violate the guidelines will be subject to strict actions in fines, legal action, or both.
Last modified 9mo ago